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These fee guidelines are not a quote. They are provided for informational purposes and reflect our standard fee for most real estate files. Additional charges may apply, for an accurate quote with respect to your transaction please contact our office or complete our online 5 minute intake form. This website is for communication and informational purposes only. Using this site or communicating with Fee Simple Law LLP through this site does not form a solicitor/ client relationship.

Fee Simple Law helps you buy or sell property in Alberta

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Real Estate Contract
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Property Tax

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Who is Fee Simple Law?

Congratulations! You are buying or selling a property and you need a lawyer. Fee Simple Law can help. At Fee Simple Law we do one thing and we do it well – real estate law.

Why Fee Simple Law?

In Alberta, ownership of all real property, such as houses and farmland, is registered with the government at the Land Titles Office.

What is a real estate contract?

Fee Simple Law can only complete the purchase or sale of property in accordance with the real estate contract entered into between the buyer and the seller.

What is a Real Property Report?

A Real Property Report or RPR is an overhead drawing of your property which shows the property lines and the location of all current improvements on the property, such as the house, garage, shed, deck, fences, etc.

When should I contact Fee Simple Law?

Once the buyer and the seller have reviewed all documents to their satisfaction and they have waived all the conditions of the real estate contract, the buyer and seller have a firm deal.

What happens on Closing Date or Possession Day?

Closing Day or Possession Day is when the exchange of land title for money occurs. This means the seller moves out and the buyer becomes the new owner of the property.

What is the Property Tax Adjustment?

No one likes paying taxes – we get it! However, the seller and the buyer are each responsible to pay property taxes for the period of time that they own the property.

What are Land Titles Fees?

Land Titles Fees are charged by the Alberta Government. The buyer is responsible to pay these fees in order to register a new name and a new mortgage on title.

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